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With a background in event organizing we know and understand the hassle of actually making events happen. Therefore, we have doubled our efforts in making everything easier for you — the organizer — so that you can keep doing what you do best!

Simply Events is an online platform for managing everything related to an event’s online presence and was founded with the idea of giving people the power to share their passion. As your partner in events, we provide tools that let you communicate with attendees, design and analyze all your events in a simple way. Built on top of a solid and reliable ticketing service, Simply Events allows you to design your own event page with an easy drag & drop interface and thus enabling you to immediately start selling tickets through it. Analyze and compare events with each other and communicate with all attendees connected to your events seamlessly by email directly from the dashboard.



Make an impression

We want to help you and your brand look the best and to do that, you need a lot of freedom when designing your event page. With Simply, creating an event page is easy, with a drag & drop feature that makes it look exactly the same in the web as in the editor. You can also create templates or duplicate event pages, making it easy to re-use the designs when you arrange multiple events. Use your event page as a hub for information before the event, sell tickets through it, and update it during and after so that your attendees can relive the moments in the pictures and summaries you post for all your events.

Put your trust in the technology

Simply’s technology allows you to handle the pressure of any number of attendees better than other services on the market. With the Simply Check-in app you can also easily manage long attendee lists so that you can focus on welcoming your guests rather than being distracted by the (unfortunately, very common) technology hassles.

Get a royal overview

Having a lot of attendees can make you lose sense of what actually brings you all together. We let you analyze, understand and connect with your audience in an intuitive way by providing an easy-to-use dashboard with the possibility to group and communicate with your attendees in many different ways. You can also compare several events with each other based on for example number of attendees, time of ticket sales or actual show-ups and thus get an understanding of what these differences could depend on.


Free event
Selling tickets
5 SEK + 5%

We believe in being completely transparent, and therefore we will always let you know if there’s something that has an extra cost. When selling tickets through Simply you will only pay 5 SEK per ticket plus 5% of total ticket proceeds. If the tickets to your event are free, you will not pay to use the service. Isn’t that great?


Simply Events is a team of creative people and problem solvers, challenging the event ticketing industry. We are a Stockholm-based company with an exciting road ahead and a drive to help people to share their passion with others through events. Therefore we have doubled our efforts in creating a platform that will make it easy for event organizers to manage everything around their events, so that they can focus on what really matters - the actual event.

Julia Delin

CEO & Co-founder

Xavi Gratal

CTO & Co-founder

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at or +46 737-24 94 12.