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We offer the freedom to customize your event page like no other service does. With Simply, you will create event pages that no one will ever forget. We let you focus on building your brand, and then take care of the rest.


Our technology allows us to handle pressure better than many similar services on the market. No amount of people is too much for us. We would even go as far as promising crash-free event pages. Have you ever heard such a thing?

Gain insights

Since we want you to focus on building your brand, we let you communicate and analyze your audience in an intuitive way, information you can use to understand and connect with your audience in a new way.


Free event
Selling tickets
5 SEK + 5%

We try to be very transparent and if there’s something that has an extra cost in Simply we will tell you and it will only cost you 5% + 5 SEK per ticket when selling tickets. If the tickets to your event are free, you will not pay to use the service. Ever. Isn’t that great?


Simply Events is a branch of the company Innovation Anything which is fully owned by Julia Delin and Xavi Gratal and was founded with the idea of making a difference in the technological industry.

We believe life can be made simpler and we want to create technology that makes those changes and offer it at a lower price. Why? To innovate the software market and make it available for those who need it.

Our drive is in enabling people to create beautiful pages, make great use of software and build their own online presence. We make this possible by designing great software and building it, all in-house which enables us to make changes as the customers demand, fast and cheap.

Our passion is in the people and the technology and this is our way of combining both.

The idea of Simply came from working in the event industry and noticing that so much more could be improved with the ticketing services that are on the market today. They are either too expensive or they lack even the most basic features.

We decided to create a service that focuses on a lean, integrated and reliable ticketing system and place it on top of a page you can design by yourself, in an easy drag & drop kind of way. Add sections for plain text, pictures, maps, speakers, social media feeds and much more. In the same fashionable way, design your attendees’ confirmation email and see analytics for both visitors to the page and your attendees. Use the Simply-app to change your event on the go, sell tickets at the entrance and check your attendees in when they arrive.

Julia Delin

CEO & Co-founder

Xavi Gratal

CTO & Co-founder

If you have any questions, you can always reach us at or +46 737-24 94 12.